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We got us a fine new bridge!

During the winter of 2000-2001 the bridge over the West Canada Creek outlet of Mud Lake was washed out. Crossing the creek without a bridge during winter and spring months is treacherous indeed.  However, our 2001 crossing was uneventful as water levels were low and planks were placed between rocks as shown in the photo below. 

2001 - Washed out bridge over the West Canada Creek (looking west).

Before the State built the first bridge over the West Canada Creek, hikers were required to traverse the creek by way of strategically placed rocks as is evident from this view south from the new bridge.  It's hard to imaging that these rocks offered much security during high water crossings. Material for the new bridge was flown in by helicopter during the spring of 2002.  State approvals delayed building, but since May, crossing the West Canada is no problem.

2002 - New Bridge over the West Canada Creek (looking east).