The backbone of any successful running event is the selfless Crew.  The Damn Wakely Dam Ultra has a lot of backbone.  Those little buggers get up early with the rest of us nuts.  They get to work, they ride the bus.  When the runners hit the trail, they hit the Indian Lake Diner.  Just as the runner's are starting to get warmed up, the Crew is forced to sit in front of a plate of bacon and fried eggs.  While our lead runners are breaking dew soaked spider webs, the selfless crew must decide if they want to stay up, or go back to bed.   As the sun warms the Adirondacks, the selfless Crew must sit at the dam and wait.... until at least 10AM, then it's OK to start drinking (if their parole terms permit it).  Yes even the young ones must set a good example for the runners - after all, they are professionals.
But as the 5 hour mark approaches each Crew member snaps into action.  The selfless Crew knows he is the face of Wakely - the link between a world class event and a misguided run through the woods.  Yes, our Crew does a fine job and we are proud and profoundly fortunate to have them.... every one of them, even this year's pinhead.

Thanks guys.

RD Jim 

4:34AM, time to ride.