Bob Dion
3rd Place Overall
Readsboro, VT
Age:  48
Time: 5:35:08

The Agony of D'Feet (or legs or whatever slowed Bob down)

This year was Vermont's year with Tim Seaver and Bob Dion placing in the top three.  

Bob Dion is well known in running circles as a strong competitor and a dedicated race director.  In July's Trailrunner Magazine, Bob offered tips on training for the down hills.  While the Wakely course doesn't look that tough on paper, it's packed with a lot of technical downhill sections and some long smooth down hill stretches that offer challenges all their own.  It's obvious that Bob was well trained for this challenge.  But something got to Bob late in the race - forcing him to a heartbreaking walk across the dam and pushing a win just outside his reach.  Notwithstanding Bob's late race difficulty, his time is nothing to sneeze at as it was still good enough to take 3rd place.

Read Bob's Race Report here: