Andras Bucsinszky
1st Hungarian 
Huntington Station, NY
Age:  36
Time: 9:48:42

We didn't think our Hungarian friend, Andras, would make it back to Wakely this year because he was working out west in Arizona.  But just prior to the event Andras wrote us and as it turned out, he would be leaving his job and heading back to his prior home in New York.  Mr. Bucsinszky showed up at Wakely the Thursday before the run with all of his worldly possessions and pet turtle crammed into his little car.  Turns out he's been living in his car while he tours the country running ultras.  He's also looking for a new job.
  He's still got that "I gotta puke" before I run thing going, but we think he'll be OK.

So we cleaned Andras up a bit in hopes that some sponsors would pick him up and let him earn a few bucks running ultras while he lives out of his car with his pet turtle.  We think he cleans up pretty good... he runs good too.