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2 FEB 11 UPDATE:  All good things must come to an end... or do they?  After RD Jim announced his "retirement" as Race Director, many mournful Wakely fans expressed interest in keeping the Wakely tradition alive.  Well we're glad to say that while this Damn Wakely Dam Ultra may have come to an end after a 10 year run, the Wakely tradition will live on under the leadership of Doug and Kim Gardner.  Please join me in wishing Kim and Doug all the best of luck in their new roles as RD.

Kim & Doug Gardner

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Please stay tuned to this website which will live on to preserve the Wakely history and occasionally report on the new event and other Adirondack Adventures.

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What Was It All About?

2001 - 2010:  The Damn Wakely Dam Ultra was a trail run through the Adirondack Park Wilderness of New York State along a remote and uninterrupted section of the Northville Placid Trial between Piseco Lake and Wakely Dam.  There are no cross roads.  There were no aid stations.  Runners were prepared to complete the entire 32.6 miles (52.5K) of rugged technical trail unassisted.  It's was just them, the trail and the company of like-minded runners.

Those of you with broadband connections (or lots of patience) will enjoy the many photos and video from previous year's runs - many taken on the course showing off the beauty of the Adirondack setting. 

The original run took place on the 2nd to last Saturday from 2001 through 2010.

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You can still run to the dam, the trail isn't going anywhere.  The Adirondacks are a beautiful place but can be unforgiving to those who do not respect the potential dangers. It's wise to be prepared.  By familiarizing yourself with the course and the information provided in this website, You'll increase your chances of having a great run!  Remember,  there are no DNF's when you're running to the Dam. ... Unless you get carried out!


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Laws of Nature:  This was not your average run. Runners understood the training required and accepted the risks associated with extreme endurance events.  It was understood and accepted that anyone participating in this event were acting strictly on their own initiative and were solely liable for their actions and any resulting consequences, injuries and/or damages.  You've seen this stuff before but we had to say it. (See Lawyers.)

For more information on regulations in the Adirondack Park please contact the DEC or NYS Ranger’s office.

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