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July 20th, 2002

Paul Courry

Guess who's coming to dinner?  It's Maryland's Paul Courry shown above posing in front of a memorial constructed especially for Paul after we figured we lost him to the night.  We got a late report from the woods that Paul stopped to rest after stubbing his toe somewhere near Spruce Lake.  So we didn't worry too much considering Paul was probably the most prepared runner we've seen (note the GPS neatly clipped to his shoulder strap). But after 13 hours had passed and dusk began to settle on the Adirondack wilderness, we all but gave up on poor old Paul.  We fashioned a makeshift memorial pyre and prepared a huge feast of grilled beast and potatoes. The blessing was still echoing across the Cedar River Flow when in walked Paul with plate in hand.  In 13:08:57 Paul's journey ended, and so too did the 2nd annual Damn Wakely Dam Ultra. So we cleaned him up, fed him, and then we burned him anyway.

(no runners were actually burned alive during this year's run)