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July 20th, 2002

Katie Lotterhos

Number 21 from Romulus, NY, 21 year old "Crazy" Katie Lotterhos beamed in with a great first Ultra time of 7:40:25 to place 21st....  wait a minute...bib #21, 21 years old, 21st place.. that's funny ... last year's run was on the 21st.... there are 21 guns in a 21 gun salute... I was born on the 21st of June!!!....what's happening here?!?  Is this some sort of conspiracy?!?  who are you people?.... Will someone answer that damn phone!   Get a hold of yourself man....Hmm.  Sorry about that....

Katie had a great run and who better to describe it than Katie herself:

Ok here's my story-
I started out at a moderate pace- since the longest run I ever did was 20
miles (and that was a week before the race), and since this was only the
second race I'd ever run (and the first one was a 5K), I didn't know what to
About an hour into the race I sprained my ankle, but what the hell, I kept
running anyway.  I was fine until I reached 22miles at Beaver Dam, and I was
beginning to wonder if I would be able to run much longer.  There was about
5 other people there, and luckily a girl gave me 3 Advil.  After downing
them, there was a major turning point in my performance... I no longer felt
pain - anywhere - and my legs started to carry me at tremendous speeds
Soon I saw my friend who walked in from the damn to meet me, and she told me
I had six miles left.  At this point we took off at a warp speed of about 5
miles/hr, and before I knew it I was running across the damn.  I leaped
across the finish, threw my hands up, and swore off power bars for the rest
of my life!!

Anyway I had an awesome time... I'm definitely in next summer! .

(original photo courtesy Ron Houghtaling)