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July 19th, 2003

Kerry Newell

American Wakely

Yea, Though I Walk through the Valley of The Shadow of Death I shall fear no Wakely...  and walk he did.  Not only did Kerry Newell make it out of the woods before dark (barely) - he did so with great style... old style.  He also churned a tub of fresh cheese along the way... but it's not the kind you would want to eat.  Somewhere around Spruce Lake Kerry was spotted singing a merry tune as he strolled along the rocky trail.  When asked if he planned to sing the whole way Kerry replied, "I hope so."  At the half way point, our crack sweep team logged Kerry as "still standing."  But we don't know if he was still singing.  But at least we knew he was OK and we were not worried about Kerry when the 12 hour mark passed without a finish. 

Kerry's ultimate finish in 13:41:00 was celebrated with freshly butchered beef roasted on the open fire and fresh dug potatoes fried in a freshly churned butter.  We washed it all down with a freshly brewed malt beverage.  Kerry dined with the crew and then ended his day with a long drive home to Heuelton, NY.  The rest of us stuck around and enjoyed the fire and stared into the dark Adirondack paradise.