Ryne "Ralph" Melcher
First In Sex
Waterloo, Ontario
Age:  26
Time: 5:15:30


2005 turned out to be some what of a rematch for our top runners from 2003.  This was Ryne's 2nd attempt at the number one spot at Wakely.  In 2003 Canada's Ryne ran a 5:41:35 to put him in third place behind Pat Hamel and McKew Devitt.  Not to be out gunned, this outlaw took over 25 minutes off his previous time to cross the dam first.  Pat and McKew were not too far behind all completing the 32.6 miles in less than 6 hours.  Even though this was Ryne's 2nd run, some of the course's tricky turns slowed him down.  A miscalculation in the fluids department forced Ryne to drink some untreated stream water which did not agree with him.  Notwithstanding these difficulties, Ryne's time of 5:15:30 shows what a strong runner he truly is.  Great Job!

Ryne edges out the competition

The Ultra Gods say "Give back that stream water."