Dave "the Fly" Kelnberger
8th Overall
Leonardtown, MD
Age:  46
Time: 6:29:14


Mr. Kelnberger has little respect for the laws of man, but has always had a deep respect for the run to Wakely even though he has been the subject of much abuse at the hands of this writer.  This year we thought we would give Dave a break...until we noticed an unusual speck on one of his finish line photos.  Notice the small black speck on Dave's right shoulder.  These are un-retouched photos (honestly).  At full resolution of the 6 mega pixel image (below) we see the object take shape.  When magnified 200% it's clear that Dave has a little friend with him as he crosses the dam.

What is the significance of this  f r e a k  occurrence?  We don't know but thought it would be harmless to point it out.  Besides Dave is not one to hold a grudge.

Getting "Psyched Up" for the big run.

Happy Thoughts.