Jim "Pinky" Pugh
9th Overall
N. Andover, MA
Age:  54
Time: 6:31:28


They don't come much tougher than Jim Pinky Pugh from the fine state of Massachusetts. Jim was on front line during the war of words that broke out on the ADK 46r mail server.  But words don't draw blood like the jagged end of an Adirondack blow down.  

It looks like Jim took one in the head hard enough to draw blood even through his Kevlar-flypaper cap.  This gash must have gone unnoticed by our professional CREW or Jim probably would have walked away with a Best Blood Award.

Jim provides a worthy confession of his crimes in his report:

When the guy behind you on the NTP yells "DUCK" he ain't talking about the loons.

That had to hurt.