Mark "BF" Mills
Tamworth, NH
Age:  50
Time: 7:00:30


The fabled Trail Runner is an elusive creature.  It enjoys the solitude of a wilderness trail beyond the reach of civilized society.  Occasionally, the Trail Runner will be spotted by a hiker but very little reliable evidence of such encounters exists.  Crackpots have presented plaster Montrail castings and even videos of joggers in the woods.  But all have been exposed as fakes.

On July 23rd, 2003 a photographer at Wakely Dam captured not just one, but two rare photographs of an actual Trail Runner who had emerged from the West Canada Lakes Wilderness.  Unfortunately, the thought of a runner on the trail was so offensive, the creature was arrested and never seen again.

When removed from its natural habitat, the Trail Runner becomes confused and listless.