2nd Place - Dan Dominie

2nd place again?  But why?  Dan made it safely across the dam in 2004 with a blistering time of 5:10:00.  Had he repeated that time this year he would have taken top honors.  So what could explain this 2nd place fancy?  We think we know.  Body snatchers.  That's right.  We've seen this before, but not like this.  These were K9 body snatchers.  Dan didn't start this race with a dog, but some how a dog walked Dan across the dam.  Could this explain the missing 17:47?  We believe it does.  We have the proof and what we couldn't prove we just made up.  What other explanation could there be? You say you don't believe?  Then you need a flea bath because your sniff'n the wrong end of the pooch.  If we're wrong you can just feed me a Milk-Bone and take my temperature, cause that dog don't hunt.

I don't see no dog.  Do you see a dog? So where's the dog?

 Shaggy wants a Scooby Snack cause here's your proof!