3rd Place - Dr. Courtenay Guertin 

Courtenay is an amazing athlete who's finished at the top of the Wakely field for 4 years.  But it takes more than athletic prowess to make it through those demon wilderness trails.  It takes guts - and nothing freaks these runners out more than the possibility they might get abducted by hostile alien visitors and be subjected to the infamous "probe." 

"Fear not," says Dr. 'Scope' Guertin.  "You've just got to fight fire with fire." says the good doctor.  "I'm not really a doctor - it's more like a hobby."

 "Yeah, this job stinks, and sometimes you got to take one for the team.  But mostly I give more than I get ... mostly."

Courtenay is all smiles coming across the dam.  It pays to have hobbies.

 "I carry a good map and just imagine the trail as one long tube..."