5th Place - Jerry Turk 


My guess is that Jerry likes it hot and dry.  It took Jerry six and one half hours to complete this course last year... but it was just a little wet at the time.  No wait, it's not the heat...Jerry doesn't like water...  He hates the water!   Seems to me we've heard this story before.... Those brilliant aliens that are so smart that they can travel thousands of light years to invade the Earth, yet can't take a cold splash of water to the face.

Oh sure, he says he's from the UK... but how do we know for sure?  How can we be sure he's not an alien of the "other" kind?  We must look for the signs... yes the signs will tell us.


Well at least his knees are bending in the proper direction...

"Uncle Jerry, tell us the story about Wakely Dam."

Signs are everywhere.