6th Place - Richard Delong

This year we had six runners cross the dam in less than six hours.  Sixth place runner Richard Delong was the last of them.  Six, six, six...  No, I'm not going there.

We often ask the question, "What do these fast runners think about to keep them going at such grueling paces?"  Seldom do we get answers.  So in strict Wakely fashion, we make them up.

Given the mysterious and forbidden nature of wilderness running, it would not surprise us if once and a while a runner might just make a connection out there that wasn't so creepy... maybe even playful or dare we say...kinky?  From the trickle of blood showing on Richard's right nip, we think things might have gotten a tad rough out there.

They don't call him Delong for nothing.

"Every time I put clothespins on my nipples I shall think of you..."