9th Place - Wm. Blair Layng

In the early 1800s trail runners were persecuted by the ignorant tree worshiping invaders to the Adirondacks. Legend has it a man named Blair was caught with a primitive form of Gu and chased off into the wilderness never to be seen again.  They thought he was dead... 

Flash forward to 2007.  A runner from our neighbor to the north ventured into the deep with nothing but a bladder, a camera and a spirit for adventure.  He was never seen again.  Three months later his camera was found.

We can't show you what was on that camera. It's too gruesome. He was running, sweating, spitting and there was even a farmer's blow.

His name is Blair.  It says so on his shirt.

"I'm so sorry I got myself into this.  I'm never going to make it out of here."