40th Place - Compton, Brad


There are trail runners and there are running Deities.  Brad Compton (peace be upon him) fits into the later category.  He is a kind spiritual man who speaks soft words of wisdom.  He runs like no mortal man - a shaman of the wilderness.

No one had any doubts that Brad (peace be upon him) would emerge from the dark wilderness unaffected by the unspoken forces there.  But no one could have prepared themselves for what they saw upon the returning of Compton (peace be upon him)

Not unlike Moses' return from Mt. Sinai, Brad Compton (peace be upon him) seemed changed in some way.  You could see it in his eyes... and, uh.. uhm... in his nippers (peace be upon them).

- So let it be written -

How some see Brad:

  "Damn that stigmata!"

How Brad sees himself:

"You see?  I'm mortal just like you"