Rob Jacob
(unofficial - whatever that means)

Everyone has bad days.  Poor Rob thought he was having one too.  First the gremlins stole his brand new camera.  Then he lost his footpod for his Polar HRM.  But the demons of the deep wilderness weren't done yet.

Then Rob lost the trail markers and had to back track... a lot.  When we caught up with Rob he was fully engulfed in what the locals call "Wilderness Rage" or "Poopy Pants."

By the time Rob crossed the finish line, it wasn't really Rob at all.  So it was easy to forgive  and forget and we hope Rob will try Wakely again in 2008.  Besides... it's good material for this page.

Rob, Thanks for the memories... and thanks for the new "Wakely Salute!"
See you in 2008!

UPDATE: All's well that ends well.
Someone found Rob's footpod later that day and nearly two months later
a hiker found his camera along the trail... and it still worked.
It was identified by the photos taken before the start of the race and turned over to the DEC.