2007 Winners
Arsenault Repeats
Pearson Sweeps

Kerry Arsenault and Todd Pearson receive top honors at Wakely

"It was like running in the air conditioned comfort of a long dark corridor."   So say the participants in this year's thing we will not call a competition.  Nor shall we discuss the splendid performances of all of the people who shall not be called runners and who on the 21st day of July, 2007 did not appear at the Piseco start of the Northville-Placid trail.  

Cool breezes and clear skies may have blessed the weary travelers as they made their way to the distant dam which shall not be known as Wakely.  But this we shall never know.  For such secretive sojourns are things we normal people do not discuss.  Like the little green men who never visit, and the yeti long with hair.  Not unlike the area known as fifty-one... you were never there.

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