26th Place
Brian Hart - 7:24:53

Brian Hart is from Pepper Pike, Ohio.  All the way from Pepper Pike, Ohio Brian Hart came.  Why Pepper Pike you might ask?  Because that's where Brian lives. 

The origin of the name, "Pepper Pike" is uncertain. Sources suggest that the land developers of the time, the Van Sweringen brothers,  had something more elegant in mind  "Shaker Heights Country Estates" or "Rolling Hills."  The Van brothers pretty much had their way with things back then - they bought up the land from the poor farmers and called the shots.  They even tore down the school because they thought it would devalue their property.

So some might say, the locals used what little power they had left to stick it to the "Vans."  Hence, Pepper Pike was born.  One story says the name came from a Pepper family who owned property in the town, but available records don't support this.  Another report suggested that the settlement at British (Lander) Circle referred to North Moreland Road as Pepper Pike.

Still other locals suppose the possibility that at one time the trees along North Moreland Road were referred to as "Pepper Trees" - you know, because peppers grow on trees.  But the Wakely research team say the town is named for a spicy fish fry.  Now don't go searching for more answers,  you won't find them.  The village was incorporated as Pepper Pike and that's where Brian Hart lives.  End of story.

"Oh, I'm from Pepper Pike and that's Okay, I sleep all night and I work all day...."