55th Groove

Erickson, Barry - 11:25:28

At 66 years of age, Barry is among the top 2 oldest runners this year.  Now we don't give any prizes just for living a long time but we do grant special considerations to our seniors.  Barry's been running to the dam for a long time and it takes a long time for Barry to run to the dam.  So we wouldn't be waiting on Barry past dark, Barry started his run a little earlier than the rest of us.  How early?  Let's just say things have changed a little since then.  He told us his total time was 11 something... but we question the unit of measure.

You've got to admit he's a handsome young devil.

"...never trust anyone over 60!"

Cedar River Headquarters - 1954
(See larger photo here)
"Where'd all these new cars come from?"

"Don't mind if I drive my horseless carriage the last mile do you?"